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Cashmere recommended by industry

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Cashmere recommended by industry

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Cashmere recommended by industry

How to choose cashmere manufacturer?

1. We should see clearly the trademark, type mark and component mark of the selected product.

2. To find out whether the product is genuine and real, we should distinguish whether it is pure cashmere products or blended cashmere products.

3. According to the current FZ/T01053-2007 "Textile Fiber Content" industry recommendation standard, when the content of Zhongshan cashmere in fabrics reaches 95% or more, we can use "100%", "pure" and "complete" to express its fiber content. According to the requirement of our country's economic laws and regulations to ensure the integrity of products, cashmere fabrics marked "100%", "pure" and "whole" are allowed to contain only a small amount of goat wool, and no other fibers are allowed to be added.

4. For blended cashmere fabrics, as far as the cashmere content is concerned, the production enterprises should label the cashmere content truthfully (usually expressed as%). They should not intentionally exaggerate the content of cashmere. Otherwise, they will cheat consumers. Once verified, the production and distribution enterprises will be punished.

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