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Professional Wholesale Customized Cashmere Sweaters

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Professional Wholesale Customized Cashmere Sweaters

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Professional Wholesale Customized Cashmere Sweaters

Why are cashmere sweaters so much more expensive than sweaters?

Maybe there are too many fake goods in the shadows. When we buy sweaters, we always feel that pure natural materials are much better than synthetic ones, and naturally they are much more expensive. But even if it is made of pure natural materials, cashmere is at least 4-5 times more expensive than wool. Why?

The wool is relatively heavy and wrinkles easily. If it touches the skin directly, it also feels prickly. Fine cashmere sweaters are lightweight, sticky and slippery, extremely skin-friendly and breathable, and even baby's close-fitting clothing. The so-called tenderness is more than the embrace of a lover.

Therefore, the difference between the two prices is also very large. At present, the cashmere price of cashmere sweater manufacturers on the market is about 1.3 million/ton (about 1.3 yuan/g), while that of wool is only 300,000/ton, and the increase is quite high.

Although cashmere is far less strong than wool, it is very light and easy to break. But as I've written before, almost all the precious materials don't put firmness first.

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