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Wholesale cashmere sweater

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Wholesale cashmere sweater

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Wholesale cashmere sweater

Attention should be paid to cashmere sweater when it is accepted.

1, hot and humid season, should be drying several times, to prevent mildew;

2, choose a cool and ventilated place to cool, dry and dry.

3, the collection period should regularly open the cabinet, ventilated and breathable, keep dry.

4, avoid contact with sharp, rough articles and strong alkaline substances.

Cashmere fabrics are animal protein fibers, which shrink easily. If they need to be cleaned, they should be sent to professional cleaners for dry cleaning. For wool fabrics, they must be cleaned immediately so as not to leave traces. The longer the stain stays on it, the less easy it is to be washed out; moreover, the longer the stain penetrates into the fibers, the stronger the friction will be when it is cleaned, which is more likely to cause damage to the clothes.

Cashmere sweater manufacturers suggest that for slight stains, you can try to dip a towel in neutral laundry detergent or water solution of special detergent for silk and wool to gently wipe the surface. After removing the stains, the same method can be used to dip a clean towel in clean water to clear the residual detergent solution. It can be repeated several times. During the operation, try not to wet the skin plates and dry them in the shade.

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