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Introduction of cashmere manufacturer

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Introduction of cashmere manufacturer

Release date:2020-04-08 Author:Hebei naibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd Clicks:

Cashmere manufacturers introduced cashmere fiber strength moderate, elastic, and has a natural soft color. Cashmere is more sensitive to acid, alkali and heat than fine wool. Even under the condition of lower temperature and concentration of acid and alkali, fiber damage is significant, especially sensitive to oxidants containing chlorine.

There are many quality indicators of cashmere fiber, among which cashmere content, fiber length / fineness and other indicators need to be completed by professional testing institutions. According to the standard issued by the Ministry of textile, cashmere content of 95% or more is pure cashmere, and the finished product content can be marked as 100% cashmere for sale. Cashmere products with cashmere content less than 95% are classified as cashmere blended products. They can only be sold after the actual proportion of various blended raw materials is marked in real detail. For example, 85% Silk 15% Cashmere cannot be vaguely expressed as cashmere blended or cashmere blended. The test report of professional testing organization is the legal basis for product labeling.

What's the difference between shearing cashmere and shearing wool? Which one is warm? If it's the same thickness, it's cashmere, of course, because:

1. Cashmere fiber is hollow, forming an air insulation layer similar to the principle of vacuum warming pot, blocking the cold air, so the cashmere sweater has a super warm function, but also light and thin; because the cashmere fiber is relatively thin and soft, and has the effect of moisture absorption, the cashmere sweater can also be worn close to the body, feeling warmer;

2. The wool is solid, and the sweater is a little less warm. In addition, the wool fiber is thicker and longer, which is not as soft as cashmere and suitable for wearing

Cashmere produced by cashmere manufacturers has irregular thin and deep curl, which is composed of scale layer and cortex layer, without medulla layer. The density of scale is about 60-70 / mm. The cross section of fiber is approximately circular, and the diameter is thinner than that of fine wool. The average fineness is more than 14-16um. The fineness unevenness is small, about 20%, and the length is generally 35-45mm. The strong elongation and hygroscopicity are better than that of sheep wool, and the fiber is fine It is light, soft, smooth and warm.

Introduction of cashmere manufacturer

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