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Mens cashmere sweater care of cashmere sweater manufacturers

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Mens cashmere sweater care of cashmere sweater manufacturers

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The sweater can only be put into the dehydrator after being wrapped with cloth; it can't be dehydrated for too long, only 2 minutes. After washing and dehydration, the sweater should be spread out in the ventilation place to dry, do not hang or expose to the sun, so as to avoid deformation of the sweater.

Cleaning tips for cashmere sweater manufacturers:

Animal and vegetable oil: wash with neutral detergent or special detergent for cashmere sweater;

Coffee, black tea: towel can be used to wring dry in time. If partner or milk is added, wipe with a small amount of detergent. If detained for a long time, wipe with vinegar;

Ice cream: first brush off the dry part with a small brush, and then use the brush with detergent to brush gently (be careful not to brush the pilling ball) to dry the towel with water.

Washing and care of cashmere sweater:

1. When the sweater is 90% dry, iron and shape it with steam, and then air it until it is completely dry for wearing and collection;

2. Often brush the dust off the sweater with a brush to avoid the dust affecting the appearance of the sweater;

3. If you wear the same sweater for two or three days in a row, remember to replace it, which will recover the natural elasticity of wool fabric;

4. After wearing the sweater, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, and the hanger must be used for preservation;

5. A simple way to remove wrinkles, for example, putting wet cloth on the clothes and ironing them or ironing them with steam iron at medium temperature;

6. If your sweater is soaked, dry it as soon as possible, but never dry it directly with heat source, such as open fire, heater or direct exposure to the sun.

What about the shrinkage of cashmere sweater? Steam ironing, shrinking sweater fibers with steam iron heating, and then while hot with both hands can stretch its fibers. It can be padded with white cloth, sprayed with water, ironed at a moderate temperature. The water temperature is about 35 ℃. When washing, it should be squeezed gently by hand. Never rub, knead or twist it by hand. Never use the washing machine to wash. Be sure to use neutral detergent. When using, the ratio of water and detergent is 100:3. When rinsing, slowly add cold water to make the water temperature gradually drop to room temperature, and then rinse clean. After washing, first press the water by hand, then wrap it with dry cloth, or use centrifugal force dehydrator.

Men's cashmere sweater care of cashmere sweater manufacturers

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