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How to keep the elasticity of cashmere yarn fabric

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How to keep the elasticity of cashmere yarn fabric

Release date:2020-01-02 Author:Hebei naibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd Clicks:

The manufacturer of cashmere yarn introduces the general name of woolen sweater clothing, also known as wool knitted clothing, which is knitted by wool yarn or wool type chemical fiber yarn. Hand knitted woolen garments appeared around 1000 BC in the Euphrates and Tigris river basins of Western Asia. In 1862, American r.i.w. ram invented the double reverse horizontal machine, which produced the formed garment piece on the sweater and used it to sew the synthetic garment, marking the beginning of machine knitting wool knitted garment.

Each sheep can produce several kilograms of wool every year, and each goat can only harvest dozens of grams of cashmere. A sheep's hair can be made into many woolen sweaters, while a goat's cashmere needs many to make a cashmere sweater. Different skin affinity

Cashmere is 14-16 microns in diameter, much thinner than wool, lighter and softer. It can be worn close to the body with good skin affinity and comfort.

It's true that the contract number and process number of different styles of woolen sweaters are different. The fake is a common part of the hang tag. There are also executive standards and so on. It's too complicated. Third, in the world of suit fabric and suit fabric, the British are always better than the Italian, and there's nothing wrong with the United States. British fabric: heavier, wear in autumn and winter.

Cashmere must be allowed to rest, which is true for good fabrics, including small sheepskin. Otherwise, the bigger the structure, the easier it is to lose shape. In short, for a cashmere sweater, it is necessary to lay it flat for a day to rest, so that the fiber stretched due to gravity can slowly bounce back. Gift of conscience: how to distinguish the true and false woolen sweaters under the condition of little experience? Take the X DOS family as an example. Look at the tag. It's fake. There will be no "color words" in the real hang tag color column, that is, only saying that dark grey doesn't mean that the real hang tag inspection mark must be pasted instead of printed. The real technology column will definitely mark the technology, such as worsted and worsted, jacquard or something, not only a half high collar zipper.

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