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Cashmere is a kind of precious textile material

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Cashmere is a kind of precious textile material

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Cashmere is the fluff from goats. The quality of fluff produced by cashmere goats is good. Every spring, when goats are depilated, the fluff from goats' bodies is grabbed by special iron comb, which is called original fluff. The cashmere obtained by combing the washed cashmere and removing the coarse hair, dead hair and scurf from the cashmere is called cashmere free. Cashmere has three colors: white, green and purple, among which white cashmere is precious. The quality standards of cashmere free in China are divided into five grades, which are classified according to the rough content, impurity content and length index. The grading standards of white cashmere and purple cashmere are also different.

Cashmere is a kind of rare special animal fiber (different from wool), which is a precious textile raw material. It is called "diamond of fiber" and "soft gold" in foreign countries. Since Kashmir in Asia used to be the distribution center of cashmere exported to Europe in history, it is used to call cashmere "Kashmir cashmere"; China uses its homonym as "Cashmere".

The normal quotation of pure cashmere fabric with more than 95% content is reasonable compared with 2.0 yuan / g in terms of clothing. Of course, senior brands also have their brand value. What I'm talking about now is only product connotation quotation, not brand added value. With this in mind, buyers can be less deceived. What I want to say here is that cashmere and pure cashmere are just like one word. Its price and value are quite different. Buy after you have seen it clearly. Don't let others fool you.

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Cashmere is a kind of precious textile material

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