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Hebei Neibao Cashmere Sweater Factorys Authentic Goods Source and Quality Guarantee

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Hebei Neibao Cashmere Sweater Factorys Authentic Goods Source and Quality Guarantee

Release date:2019-09-26 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere sweater manufacturer learned that the sample of "Yu Zhaolin" cashmere sweater purchased at Yuzhaolin Women's Wear Flagship Store in East Beijing indicated that cashmere was 96.3% and the actual measurement was 90%, which did not meet the standard requirements. The samples of "GUCIBODI" cashmere sweater purchased by Dangdang. com are mixed with trace other fibers and have defects. The samples of "wheat yarn" purchased from Jumei are marked with cashmere blending, but the measured cashmere content is only 22%.

Is the quality of online cashmere sweaters reliable? Did you buy a fake cashmere sweater?

Question 2: Too many finishing agents

Neibao cashmere sweater manufacturer pays special attention to cashmere sweater containing too much grease or adding too much finishing agent after finishing, which will cause skin sensitive consumers to smell or feel uncomfortable. After testing, the "Mihuang" cashmere sweater purchased at the flagship store of Mihuang clothing in Tianmao Mall, as well as the "cashmere dictionary", "Liuyi people" and "Mihuang" sweater purchased at 2180 yuan. Five cashmere sweater samples of Di Rui sheep and FANGRONG Fangxiang did not meet the requirements of the standard.

Select regular marketing websites, general Amazon, Dangdang, No. 1 store, Jingdong, only goods will be genuine. Rest assured, basically the sweaters sold by the merchants are more cost-effective than the ones sold by the merchants, but usually the cost of a pure cashmere sweater is conservatively calculated at around 300 yuan. However, in some shopping malls, when the sales price of a cashmere sweater with 50% cashmere content is less than 100 yuan, the sweater is cheaper than the sweater. This phenomenon is not normal. The key is to strictly screen the goods before placing orders, pay attention to the description, specifications and materials of the goods presented by the merchants, pay attention not only to buying cheap goods, but also to the quality of woolen sweaters, quality and service quality of the merchants.

Question 1 "Pure Cashmere Sweater" Cashmere

The standard stipulates that the content of cashmere fibers in pure cashmere knitted fabrics must reach 95% or more, and the reduction of cashmere fibers in high-grade and first-class cashmere blended knitted fabrics shall not exceed 5%. In this comparative test, the samples of WEN? YOU Wenyou Cashmere purchased at the official flagship store of Wenyou Cashmere at 980 yuan and FANGRONG Antler purchased at 726 yuan in Dangdang net Baichunmir Cashmere Factory Shop show 100% and 80% of cashmere respectively, while only 20% of wool and other fibers are tested and suspected of counterfeiting.

Hebei Neibao Cashmere Sweater Factory's Authentic Goods Source and Quality Guarantee

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