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Hebei Naibao Cashmere Yarn Factory Direct Selling, Large Volume Preferences

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Hebei Naibao Cashmere Yarn Factory Direct Selling, Large Volume Preferences

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The traditional jacquard fabrics produced by cashmere yarn manufacturers are silk, chemical fibre filament, cotton, etc. The yarn count is fine and the warp density of the fabrics is usually more than 50 pieces per cm, while the density of worsted wool is usually between 20 and 50 pieces per cm. According to the formula, the number of knitted needles is equal to the number of circular warp yarns in one pattern, and the width of the pattern is equal to the warp density. If worsted wool yarn is used as warp yarn, the number of needles used is less, so the pattern can not be carefully and thoroughly depicted, and the pattern can not be very delicate. In addition, because of the small warp density, the jacquard machine usually only needs to use a single hanger, even the available pattern needles on the jacquard machine do not need to be all used, but according to a certain proportion of needles, such as: 30 densities per cm, 18 cm, 540 pattern warps, and the loom pattern needles are 1080 needles, then the installation of 1:1 drawing needles.

The pattern of jacquard fabrics is not ordinary printing, nor embroidery, but knitted by yarn. When jacquard fabrics are manufactured, warp and weft yarns interweave and float to form different patterns, which are concave and convex, with fine yarn count and high needle density. Jacquard fabrics can be divided into shuttle jacquard, warp-knitted jacquard and weft-knitted jacquard. Weft-knitted jacquard fabrics have excellent elasticity when pulled horizontally and vertically, while warp-knitted and shuttle-knitted jacquard fabrics have no elasticity when pulled horizontally and vertically.

1 jacquard fabric

Jacquard fabric refers to the fabric woven on the jacquard loom, mostly large pattern fabric. Large pattern fabrics are short for pattern fabrics, which use a certain structure as the ground, and show one or more patterns of different tissues, different colors or different raw materials on it. There are many warp and weft yarns in a pattern cycle, ranging from hundreds to thousands. The number of healds used is more than 20. They can not be woven on treadle or multi-arm looms. Jacquard looms with individual movement of each warp yarn must be used for weaving.

2 worsted wool

Also known as combed wool and combed wool fabric, it is made of fine wool or better wool (the length of raw material is generally more than 55 mm), wool yarn (wool yarn density is generally Nm30-100), and fabric (fabric weight is generally 100-380 g/) after warping. The main varieties are serge, Huada, Valentine, Paris, what flavor, breeches, chocolate, gong, camel silk brocade, tweed and women's clothing, etc. Fabric weave is mainly composed of three primary weaves and their changing weaves. The pattern circulation is small and the fabrics are fine and clean.

Hebei Naibao Cashmere Yarn Factory Direct Selling, Large Volume Preferences

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