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This is a common concern of cashmere yarn circles.

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This is a common concern of cashmere yarn circles.

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Cashmere yarn is a yarn made from cashmere and cashmere as raw materials, through wool, carding, spinning, winding, drawing, twisting and other links (worsted also need to be stripped first), known as cashmere yarn. Cashmere yarn is divided into roving yarn, worsted yarn and semi-worsted yarn according to the production process.

When cashmere is used as underwear, its matching clothes should not be rough and hard, such as jeans, wool and linen products, chemical fibre products, etc. Do not insert pen articles into the underwear pocket, so as not to cause the whole body or part of the cashmere sweater to increase friction to form pilling, when wearing together, choose a smooth shirt coat. When wearing, try to minimize friction with hard objects (such as sleeves rubbing on the table for a long time) and pull hard. Often dust removal, with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner dust removal, do not leave any dirt. Dry every week, once a week, at sunny noon, for an hour to keep dry.

The manufacturing method of cashmere blended yarn provided by the invention solves the uneven color shift of cashmere in yarn formation; the cleaning and carding steps adopt more combs and less beating, and the powder antistatic coating is added to reduce the damage and fall of cashmere fibers, and solves the phenomenon that cashmere is easy to twist cylindrical and doffer; and the powder is added in the spinning process. Antistatic coatings can solve the problems of rabbing rollers and rollers caused by static electricity, increase the twist of woolen spinning, and overcome the disadvantages of sticky, rotten and loose in spinning process caused by the reduction of cashmere crimp number and smooth fiber.

In recent years, with the acceleration of the development of cashmere industry in China, the cashmere industry has a good development situation in the domestic market due to the continuous improvement of production technology and the continuous expansion of downstream demand market. In 2011, China's cashmere industry is facing a new development situation. As more and more new cashmere enterprises enter the cashmere industry, whether the price of raw materials in the upstream will rise steadily, what variables will appear in the cashmere market, and what new marketing strategies will the leading enterprises in the industry have, which are the issues of general concern to the cashmere industry.

This is a common concern of cashmere yarn circles.

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