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Why is there a big gap in cashmere yarn prices in the market?

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Why is there a big gap in cashmere yarn prices in the market?

Release date:2019-08-07 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The price gap of cashmere yarn in the market is very large. Cashmere only refers to cashmere. Sheep only produce wool but not wool, and the wool yield is very high. In the material market, the price of sheep wool is 5-10 times lower than that of cashmere. Some people call sheep's fine wool "cashmere", and claim that their "cashmere" is cheap, which really disturbs the view of cashmere and wool. It not only brings a lot of trouble to the consumers, but also disturbs the cashmere market.

1. Many businesses refer to wool, rabbit hair, mink hair and cashmere as cashmere. In fact, only goats produce cashmere, so the cashmere yarn you buy may be rabbit hair, mink hair or mixed with rabbit hair, mink hair, wool and a small amount of chemical fiber.

2. There are many counterfeit brands on the market. For example, many people do not know that Ordos only produces ready-made clothes and does not sell cashmere yarn. People do not have enough cashmere yarn for themselves, and there is no surplus to sell to others. Therefore, there is basically no genuine cashmere yarn on the Ordos brand cashmere yarn market.

There are other big brands such as Hongye Yuntai, Luwang, Snow Lotus and other counterfeit more than real, but the price of large cashmere yarn can be so low?

The price difference of cashmere yarn determines the quality of cashmere yarn. High quality cashmere yarn often needs to be displayed through brand building, but how many brands of domestic cashmere yarn can consumers know?

For example, the first impression of most consumers who buy cashmere is Ordos. Brand means good quality. Therefore, the more well-known the brand, the more consumers can identify with it.

Cashmere yarn manufacturers have been insisting on making high quality real cashmere yarns for the past five years. Of course, cashmere yarns will not be cheap.

Because the name of "cashmere" is atypical and misleading to consumers, China has explicitly prohibited manufacturers and businesses from manipulating the name. It reminds consumers to distinguish the material when purchasing cashmere, not only to see the low price, but also to see the internal and external quality of the product. As the saying goes: one price, one goods. The price of the product is the same as the price. Usually only by feeling, can we decide how much the cashmere content is?

Why is there a big gap in cashmere yarn prices in the market?

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