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Ultra-low-cost cashmere sweater quality is also a penny for penny.

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Ultra-low-cost cashmere sweater quality is also a penny for penny.

Release date:2019-07-17 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere sweater chooses superior cashmere. Through more than 120 processes such as choosing, washing, carding, dyeing, spinning, knitting and finishing, the cost of cashmere sweater is relatively high. High-quality cashmere sweater has soft, warm, slippery and waxy handle. It is full of elasticity, richness and softness, so that human skin does not feel itchy.

Consumers need to be careful if they encounter products with low prices. Why there are super-low-cost cashmere sweaters on the market, one is genuine cashmere sweaters, because the code is broken, the number is broken, the style is out of date, the price is reduced; the other is blended, a certain proportion of cashmere mixed with wool, the less the content of cashmere, the lower the price; the worse one is that there is no cashmere at all, the better one is to pretend to be a cashmere sweater (cashmere is). Cashmere, sheep without cashmere, poor even wool content is not high.

Then there are factors such as marketing cost of product flow. Main basic model, low design cost, large-scale procurement and production and warehousing logistics sales management capabilities can also reduce the cost of each link. To sum up, I think the cost of cashmere sweater is saved in raw material quality and design, production, logistics and marketing. It can afford its price (normal price), and it will not exceed its value or pit people.

For the maintenance of woolen clothing, this makes many people very headache. After some simple care, woolen clothes can remain unchanged. Just like new ones, keep them carefully and empty their pockets, or they will cause clothes to bulge or droop. Hang wool clothes in a cool, ventilated place with a suitable hanger. Hang wool clothes for a while to remove wrinkles. The hanger chooses the style that can support the shoulder pad of the coat and the waist of the skirt and trousers so as to avoid wrinkling of the clothes.

The basic requirement of domestic cashmere sweaters is that the suede should be big and soft, which is easily accepted by consumers. You can see that domestic cashmere sweaters are made of long Plush on the surface and feel good, but the weight per gram will be lower than that of foreign countries, and the upper body comfort will be slightly better than that of foreign countries, but the trouble is easy to pill. Cashmere sweaters abroad sacrifice hand feel to avoid easy pilling. The advantage of this cashmere sweater is that it can last a long time and feel better through it.

Ultra-low-cost cashmere sweater quality is also a penny for penny.

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