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Pure cashmere products should meet these characteristics

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Pure cashmere products should meet these characteristics

Release date:2019-07-10 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

High quality cashmere products can be judged from three aspects: eye view, hand touch and price.

Eye View: High-quality cashmere sweater has soft appearance, plump suede, strong wool-type feeling, and a layer of fine velvet on its surface after shrinkage. The density of the transverse and longitudinal coils is uniform, especially in bright light.

Hand touch: High-quality cashmere sweater feels soft, light and warm, slippery and waxy, full of elasticity, richness and softness, so that human skin does not feel itchy.

Price: High-quality cashmere sweater is the choice of superior cashmere, after choosing, washing, carding, dyeing, spinning, knitting, finishing and more than 120 processes, its cost is higher. Especially this year, the price of cashmere raw materials has risen sharply, and the price of wool-free sweaters has reached 1100 yuan/kg, which makes the cost of cashmere sweaters higher. Therefore, consumers should be careful if they encounter products with low prices.

Why there are super-low-cost cashmere sweaters on the market, this person believes that one is genuine cashmere sweaters, because of the outdated code, cut-off, pattern, price reduction; another is blended, a certain proportion of cashmere blended wool, the less the content of cashmere, the lower the price; the worse one is that there is no cashmere at all, the better is to take sheep. Sweaters pretend to be cashmere (cashmere is cashmere, sheep have no cashmere), poor even the wool content is not high.

How to distinguish between real and false cashmere sweaters, this person believes that first look at the brand, mainly the hanging tag on the clothing, which is generally marked with the proportion of components; then look at the price, it is particularly noteworthy that our country stipulates that cashmere sweaters must contain more than 95% cashmere sweater, otherwise it can not be called cashmere sweater.

Pure cashmere products should meet these characteristics

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