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A Method for Measuring the Density of Cashmere Yarn

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A Method for Measuring the Density of Cashmere Yarn

Release date:2019-06-12 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The method of measuring the reference density of cashmere yarn points out that for yarns with known densities of yarns, the stretching tension can be established according to the standard, then the stretching length and quality can be measured, and the yarn density can be calculated according to the formula. For yarns with unknown nominal density, the yarn density should be estimated first, then the stretching tension can be converted, and then the stretching length and quality can be measured. And the calculation of linear density. Testing examples show that this method can accurately detect the yarn density in knitted fabrics, thus filling in the shortcomings of different yarn density measurement methods in textile standards.

Brief introduction of cashmere yarn manufacturer's products:

1. Wool blended yarn is a kind of high-grade and ancient textile material. It has good warmth retention, and is soft and smooth. It is suitable for urban fashion crowd.

2. Wool blended yarn (pattern) yarn, as a new flower in the yarn industry, is deeply loved and favored by world-renowned clothing brands and designers.

3. Our company will, as always, take advanced technology, fast production and high-quality service as its purpose, integrate the fashion of today's clothing world, and constantly introduce the environmental protection, science and technology, new blended yarn (pattern) which leads the trend of the times.

Nowadays, how the textile industry becomes a growth-maintaining and structural-adjusting industry in the new technology and new business environment, how to become a part of strategic emerging industries, and how to surpass the high-tech industry of textile across fields have become a new topic. "China is a big textile country in the world. The reason why we have not become a powerful textile country lies in the gap in the application of industrial textiles." Li Lingshen said.

New textile materials are high-tech fibers, high-tech fabrics and high-tech industrial textiles manufactured by high-tech processes and equipment in recent years. High-tech fibers include new synthetic fibers, special functional fibers, environmental protection fibers and new biological fibers. High-tech textile fabrics should not only meet the comfort of human wear. And also have a high-quality appearance and style, drapability, color, processability and other high-grade textiles. High-tech industrial textiles are high strength, high modulus and other high-performance textile materials, composite materials or special functional textiles.

A Method for Measuring the Density of Cashmere Yarn

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