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Wholesale of cashmere sweaters in 2019

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Wholesale of cashmere sweaters in 2019

Release date:2019-06-05 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

In the wholesale of cashmere sweaters in 2019, the new sweaters are divided into pure cashmere sweaters and blended cashmere sweaters in advance. Pure cashmere sweater should contain 100% cashmere fiber. Considering the morphological variation of cashmere fiber and the factors of non-artificial blending of wool, according to the Chinese textile industry standard, the cashmere fiber content of finished cashmere yarn can be as high as 98%.

Cashmere content in more than 30% can be called cashmere sweater, cashmere content in less than 30% can only be called wool blended products, cashmere content in more than 95% can be marked as 100% cashmere or pure cashmere sweater. Twelve-needle pure cashmere sweaters usually use 26-metric pure cashmere double strand yarn or 12-14 metric single yarn. According to different needle types, different count can be selected. Generally, the lower the needle number, the lower the yarn count is, the lower the yarn count is. The blended cashmere sweater has many other fiber components, as long as it is suitable for blending with cashmere and can achieve soft effect, such as silk, cotton, hemp, wool and developed soybean, milk fiber, etc.

Cashmere fiber is fine, slippery and waxy, soft and flexible, which can effectively resist the invasion of external air and maintain body temperature, so it is praised as fiber diamond, gold in clothing! The relative fineness of the fibers is small, the length is short and the number of curls is small, so the cohesive force of the fibers in the yarn is small, and there are more hairiness exposed. Under the action of external forces, it is easy to slip from the fabric and cause down and pilling. Therefore, the pilling rate can be effectively reduced by choosing cashmere fibers with longer relative length (higher price than short fibers). In terms of processing technology, improper processing of raw materials will damage the length of fibers, excessive fluffing and plucking (pursuit of hand feel) will directly lead to fluffing and pilling.

Wholesale of cashmere sweaters in 2019

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