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Cashmere sweater manufacturer: When did Korean cashmere sweater become popular?

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Cashmere sweater manufacturer: When did Korean cashmere sweater become popular?

Release date:2019-04-03 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere sweater manufacturers produce a number of series of cashmere sweater products, according to the style can be divided into European and American models, Korean models and Chinese clothing. So today let's talk about Korean cashmere sweaters, why Korean clothing is so popular, in fact, the main reason is because of the influence of Korean dramas, so now we begin to pursue the protagonist's dress naturally popular, of course, there is also a reason that Korean people are similar to Chinese people, their clothes are exquisite, they dress very ladies, so Korean style clothes. It's natural that ornaments are popular in China.

Historically, Korean clothes were popular clothes for Korean Peninsula residents, but nowadays it is very difficult to see them in the street. The reason why Koreans do not wear Korean clothes at ordinary times is that the rhythm of modern society is speeding up, traditional Korean clothes are relatively complex to wear, and activities are not very convenient. However, in this way, the Korean dress has been upgraded to become an important festival dress. In the hearts of Koreans, wearing Korean clothes on formal occasions has risen to a norm. If the younger generation violates it, the older generation will not accept their "good-bye". On Chinese New Year's Day, people who go to the streets without wearing Korean clothes will also be referred to as "rude and impolite" by strangers. That's why Korean clothes have special symbolic meanings in their minds no matter where they are.

Korean clothes are Korean traditional clothes, elegant and tasteful. Modern times were replaced by foreign clothes. Only on festivals and special days. Women's traditional clothes are short jackets and long skirts, which look elegant: men show their unique taste in trousers, jackets, vest and waistcoat. White is the basic color, according to the season, identity, material and color are different. In special ceremonies such as marriage, ordinary people also wear gorgeous clothes and jewelry, and Korean clothes and fine cashmere sweaters are very popular to increase practicability.

Cashmere sweater manufacturer: When did Korean cashmere sweater become popular?

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