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High-grade cashmere sweater has higher requirements for cashmere raw wool

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High-grade cashmere sweater has higher requirements for cashmere raw wool

Release date:2018-12-15 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

High-grade cashmere sweater manufacturers strictly require that the content of Zhongshan cashmere fiber in pure cashmere knitted fabrics must reach 95% or more; the reduction of cashmere fiber in high-grade cashmere blended knitted fabrics and first-class fabrics should not exceed 5%. In this comparative experiment, the samples of "WEN YOU Wenyou Cashmere" purchased at the official flagship store of Wenyou Cashmere at 980 yuan and "FANGRONG Antler" purchased at 726 yuan at Dangdang net Baichunmir Cashmere Factory Shop show 100% and 80% of cashmere respectively, while only 20% of wool and other fibers are tested and suspected of counterfeiting.

Thin cashmere has higher requirements for cashmere cashmere

Compared with the thick cashmere sweater, the thin cashmere sweater is lighter, more delicate and more breathable. While protecting these characteristics, it also needs to take into account the effect of warmth preservation, which can not be achieved with less cashmere.

In contrast, thin cashmere requires higher quality of cashmere raw cashmere. Only good cashmere fiber can produce cashmere products as thin as a T-shirt.

Do thin cashmere sweaters look cheaper?

Thin yarns are finer and more precious

With the same amount of cashmere, thin cashmere yarns are much thinner than ordinary thick yarns.

Cashmere sweater raw material is cashmere, cashmere only grows on goats; wool sweater raw material is wool, the wool on sheep is called wool; cashmere fiber is hollow, forming an air insulation layer similar to the principle of vacuum kettle, to block cold air, so cashmere sweater has a super warming effect, but also light; wool is solid, sweater warming effect. The fruit is slightly worse.

Cashmere sweaters are suitable for hand washing, with warm water of about 35 degrees. If you really want to machine wash, you must wrap it in a net pocket; woolen sweaters are unlimited; cashmere sweaters are flat to dry in the shade; woolen sweaters can be directly aired.

High-grade cashmere sweater has higher requirements for cashmere raw wool

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