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Frequent washing will reduce the softness and warmth retention of cashmere sweaters

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Frequent washing will reduce the softness and warmth retention of cashmere sweaters

Release date:2018-12-12 Author:Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere sweater manufacturers remind you when wearing cashmere sweaters, often washing will reduce the softness and warmth of cashmere, because biological cashmere is not like chemical cashmere products, not so good flexibility, frequent soaking and washing will reduce the elasticity of cashmere.

The raw material of wool sweater is sheep wool. Wool sweater is not suitable for personal wear. It will feel prickly. Whether good JS labels some fine and soft sheep wool as "cashmere" to fool consumers. Sheep have no cashmere, so-called cashmere is only produced by alpine cashmere goats in areas between 105-115 degrees east longitude and 35-45 degrees north latitude. And the good wool is made in Australia, and the good wool sweater brand is also foreign. If all the sheep wool produced in the world every year is made into sweaters, then every person in the world can have two.

Cashmere sweaters are prone to static electricity. When purchasing cashmere sweaters, pay attention to the products containing conductive fibers. In addition, the sweater will shrink a little, so when buying a sweater, you need to buy a sweater that feels larger than usual. Cashmere sweater will not shrink, and it will be looser after one or two years, so when buying cashmere sweater, you can try on the right one.

Cashmere sweaters are more delicate things. Real cashmere sweaters must be washed with professional cleaning fluid. They must not be washed in water, nor can they be washed regularly. It is very troublesome.

Do not buy Black Cashmere sweaters, dyed black cashmere is low quality cashmere lining, because it is difficult to color uniform, so often dyed into a dark color to cover up. Very pure white is the sky-high price. Really good cashmere sweaters have high cashmere content, well-controlled suede and fine production. The price is often at least over 1000 yuan, tens of thousands of yuan is not uncommon. A cashmere overcoat can easily pass through a ring.

Frequent washing will reduce the softness and warmth retention of cashmere sweaters

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