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What is a really good quality cashmere sweater? How much is it usually?

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What is a really good quality cashmere sweater? How much is it usually?

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Fine cashmere sweaters can not be separated from precious raw materials. Cashmere fabrics are animal protein fibers, which shrink easily. If they need to be cleaned, they should generally be sent to professional cleaners for dry cleaning. For wool fabrics dirty must be cleaned immediately to avoid leaving traces. The longer the stain stays on it, the less easy it is to be washed out; moreover, the longer the stain penetrates into the fibers, the stronger the friction will be when it is cleaned, which is more likely to cause damage to the clothes.

The Nebo cashmere sweater series is made of Albas white cashmere from Ordos, Inner Mongolia. "For a long time, the reputation of high-quality products of Naibao can not be separated from the excellent quality support of white cashmere, but only when you go deep into the origin of cashmere, you will understand that white cashmere is a'luxury'. A goat produces only 50-80g net cashmere per year. The cashmere of an average of five adult goats can be made into a cashmere garment.

The so-called 100 yuan cashmere sweater is not cashmere at all. It can be said that the wool is not good wool. The authentic cashmere is a fine layer of cashmere under the goat's wool. The cashmere of Albas goats is the top grade in China.

For minor stains, try to use a towel dipped in neutral laundry detergent or water solution of special detergent for silk and wool to gently wipe the surface. After removing the stains, the same method is to dip a clean towel in clean water to clear the residual detergent solution. It can be repeated several times. Do not wet the skin as much as possible during the operation, and dry in the shade in time.

Cashmere is known as soft gold. The price of cashmere is relatively expensive. The cashmere manufacturer that chooses cashmere sweaters under 300 yuan is called "cashmere". In fact, the cashmere is relatively fine, not really cashmere. Cashmere sweaters of about 500 yuan, even if they have cashmere, will not have a high cashmere content, otherwise the cost will not come down, and the cashmere content will be too high in the process.

Really good cashmere sweater has high cashmere content, good control of the suede, fine production, and the price is often at least more than 1000 yuan, tens of thousands of yuan is not uncommon. A cashmere overcoat can be easily passed through the middle of a ring. Cashmere sweaters are more delicate things. Real cashmere sweaters must be washed with professional cleaning fluid. They must not be washed in water, nor can they be washed regularly. It is very troublesome. Do not buy Black Cashmere sweaters, dyed black cashmere is low quality cashmere lining, because it is difficult to color uniform, so often dyed into a dark color to cover up. Pure white is the highest price.

What is a really good quality cashmere sweater? How much is it usually?

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