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There is always a cashmere sweater in the goddesss wardrobe.

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There is always a cashmere sweater in the goddesss wardrobe.

Release date:2018-11-21 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere sweater is made of cashmere as the main raw material. Cashmere is a fine wool growing on goats. It has natural luster, soft and moist feel, good warmth retention and moisture absorption. Cashmere is softer, lighter, warmer, slippery and more elastic than sheep wool. It is known as "fiber diamond" and "soft gold".

Hebei Neibao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. produces cashmere sweaters with various styles, fashionable, fashionable personality, casual leisure, full of moisture. There is always a cashmere sweater in the wardrobe of Goddess!

The loose version design shows lazy fashion. Fashionable twist design highlights girls' playful loveliness.

The simple atmospheric version, with the solid cutting of stereo training, makes you warm and stylish.

Thickened style, no pilling, cashmere fabric selection, warm and try again, upper body is very comfortable without any sense of restraint.

Comfortable skin care, delicate touch, modified style, slim and slim, temperament.

Not only does it make your outfit look younger and younger, but it's well tailored to suit the feminine temperament and feminine taste.

The texture is exquisite, the upper body is comfortable and cosy, and the streets are equipped with trousers and Western style to fry.

The upper body is slim and tall, giving a relaxed fashion sense, unique and luxurious feeling. When you go out, you can easily go out with a pair of flat soles, especially the waist.

The exquisite simplicity of tailoring, fashionable and stylish, comfortable leisure fabric, delicate manuscripts and special all-match, also special grade, the proportion of gold cutting.

A goat produces 50 to 75 grams of wool every year. Usually 3 to 5 goats can produce a cashmere sweater from a year's pile. Therefore, cashmere sweater prices are generally high, generally more than 1000 yuan.

According to the ratio of raw materials, cashmere sweaters are divided into two types: pure cashmere sweater and blended cashmere sweater. Cashmere fiber morphology changes due to goat growing environment. The cashmere after mutation is close to sheep's hair and is called variant fiber or suspected wool. The standard requirement for pure cashmere can not exceed 5%. Woolen sweater is made of wool as the main raw material. Sweaters are cheaper than cashmere sweaters, usually in the hundreds of dollars. We should pay attention to distinguish when buying.

There is always a cashmere sweater in the goddess's wardrobe.

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