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Relationship between quality cashmere yarn, knitting yarn and braided yarn

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Relationship between quality cashmere yarn, knitting yarn and braided yarn

Release date:2018-11-10 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

High-quality cashmere yarns are priced at more than 1000 yuan per kilogram, which is more expensive. If you buy much cheaper, you may be able to buy blended yarns. The identification of cashmere yarns depends on our usual experience. So today, Neibao Cashmere will introduce cashmere knitting yarns and cashmere knitting to you. The difference between weaving lines is:

Cashmere knitting yarn is mainly used for flat knitting, including woollen yarn, worsted yarn and semi fine spun yarn. It is used for knitting 7 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles, 14 needles, 16 knitted sweaters. Cashmere knitting yarn is mainly used for manual bar knitting. It is mainly made of roving yarn, worsted yarn and semi-worsted yarn. The production equipment is different from the process and cashmere knitting yarn.

Cashmere yarn is divided into 100% cashmere yarn and cashmere blended yarn according to the proportion of raw materials. At present, the raw materials that can be blended with cashmere are silk, cotton, wool and newly developed milk protein fiber and soybean fiber. More varieties will be added according to market demand.

Cashmere yarn is the direct raw material of cashmere sweater. The quality of cashmere sweater directly depends on the quality of cashmere yarn. Proper strength and twist, as well as the length and fineness of material selection (cashmere raw material) determine the quality grade of cashmere yarn. Different grades determine different prices, so when purchasing cashmere yarn, consumers or knitting factories must proceed from their own needs, discern carefully, and do not blindly pursue low prices. Cashmere sweaters made of low-quality and low-cost cashmere yarn will appear serious pilling and hair loss, which seriously shortens the life of cashmere sweaters. Carefully calculated, instead of spending unfair money to buy these cheap cashmere sweaters, it is really better to spend a little more money to buy those real cashmere sweaters. If the quality of cashmere sweaters are properly maintained, they can be worn for more than 10 years! And wear on the body is also on the grade, it is concluded that the choice of cashmere yarn is very important.

Relationship between quality cashmere yarn, knitting yarn and braided yarn

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