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Why is cashmere products so warm? Cashmere yarn manufacturer declassified for you

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Why is cashmere products so warm? Cashmere yarn manufacturer declassified for you

Release date:2018-10-31 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere sweaters are woven from cashmere yarns, which are not strong, but are rolled again, twisted into barrels, twisted, and eventually formed into a beautiful package of finished yarns.

Cashmere itself is a fine, thick layer of hair growing at the roots of goats to resist the cold in the winter. The longer the weather is, the more fine the velvet is, the longer the fiber grows. Therefore, cashmere sweater made of cashmere fiber has strong thermal insulation.

Strong hygroscopicity, comfortable wearing, cashmere hygroscopicity is strong in all fibers, moisture regain rate in about 15%. Cashmere sweater can automatically absorb moisture under the condition of changeable external temperature. It has good perspiration function and can automatically adjust the physiological temperature of skin with human skin. Soft handle and full plump appearance. The material of cashmere sweater determines its characteristics of soft, soft, light, slippery, waxy, warm and cool. Cashmere sweater in the process of special shrinkage finishing, the surface of the sweater exposed a layer of fine wool, feel soft, delicate and slippery with the hand, suede plump. Cashmere sweaters, if worn close to the skin, not only do not have a prickly feeling, can make people produce a "soft, soft, light, slippery, waxy, warm, refreshing" comfort.

After the cashmere fiber is spun into yarn, it can be qualified yarn only by removing the spine, coarse and detail of the yarn through winding. White Cashmere sometimes needs dyeing. This step needs to be finished before the yarn becomes finished yarn. So far, 1436 has developed more than 400 kinds of cashmere exclusive colors. In order to obtain good dyeing effect, not only dyes are very important, but water quality is also the key that can not be bypassed. The quality of water in northern China is too hard, and the color of fabrics dyed with such water will be greatly reduced. Nippon cashmere yarn mills use special water treatment systems to filter and soften water to ensure saturation and gloss of finishes.

Why is cashmere products so warm? Cashmere yarn manufacturer declassified for you

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