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When the new cashmere sweater comes into the market, be careful about fabric ingredients when buying.

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When the new cashmere sweater comes into the market, be careful about fabric ingredients when buying.

Release date:2018-10-27 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The new cashmere sweater can be called pure cashmere product if the cashmere content reaches above 97% according to the stipulation of Chinese standard. Single cashmere fiber will reach more than 99% and 1% of wool fiber will exist. All the cashmere yarns that can be bought in the market are pure cashmere yarns with cashmere content below 90% but nominally 100%. The really good cashmere yarns are not retailed to the outside world. Generally, they are provided by some large regular factories for production or export.

Therefore, the so-called pure cashmere yarn cost a pound is really meaningless. Many shops that process cashmere products claim to use the "Ordos" cashmere yarn, but the "Ordos" group produces cashmere yarn is not "Ordos" brand at all, but also never allow their own spinning mills to sell cashmere yarn, their own factories and exports are not enough.

Generally speaking, cashmere sweaters are better than woolen sweaters in warmth and comfort, and lighter, but the firmness and wear resistance is worse, so the proportion of cashmere suits to be low, the main consideration is the strong and wear resistance of the coat, and the sweater for warmth and comfort requirements more so 50% ratio is still more appropriate. Yes.

The composition of the coat is marked with 80% wool and 20% polyester. Does the coat belong to cashmere or wool? This is mainly to see whether the clothing is a good or general wholesale market imitated version goods! If it is right, it should be a gross coat of Nissan. But not pure cashmere or pure wool coat. There is a certain amount of wool. The two materials are blended.

Such as the general low price coat (100 - 380)! There is a big gap between their trademarks and the actual labels, mainly the proportion of wool and chemical fiber. There is also a case of pure confusion.

Trademark is only suitable for general judgment, and can not be used as the main quality basis. Many businesses now have their own stickers, which are difficult to identify because of their own ingredients. The eye and the handle are the main. Good clothes section:

1 there should be no thread left in the production process.

2. The lining material is exquisite and the lining of the fabric is naturally smooth, from the outside it will not appear more, let alone the fabric bulging up.

3. Washing labels indicate how to wash and ironing (poor quality is generally on paper labels, the label washing options are not indicated) 4. The ingredients of the fabric and lining should be labeled both on paper labels and inside the lining (lining labels should be a small piece of chemical fiber cloth).

5 if the overcoat is on, the merchant hangs on the rack. Look at the past should have a very texture and stiffness, the hem is very flat, and thickness uniformity (that is, the edges) is mainly these points there are not one said! Anyway, a good dress feels different from a cheap one when you're wearing it first and then.

When the new cashmere sweater comes into the market, be careful about fabric ingredients when buying.

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