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Worsted cashmere and woollen cashmere have their own characteristics.

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Worsted cashmere and woollen cashmere have their own characteristics.

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The combed yarn is called combed yarn, but the combed yarn is better than ordinary combed yarn in strength and evenness.

Worsted cashmere products are usually produced on a loom of 16 or 18 needles, with fine yarn count and silk luster, smooth and delicate looking. The woolen cashmere products are mostly produced on 12 knitting machines, and more usefully on 9, 7 and 5 knitting machines, with slightly worse luster and handle; the raw cashmere used to spin worsted cashmere products requires a length of 30 mm or more, and can be used to make worsted cashmere products of no more than 200 grams per kilogram of raw cashmere. The price of spinning cashmere products is much higher than that of woollen cashmere products.

Worsted cashmere is finer than woolen cashmere, therefore, worsted cashmere products are not easy to pill, better warmth retention, superior quality. Woolen cashmere and worsted cashmere are simply two kinds of yarns with different thicknesses and fineness formed by different technological processes in the process of spinning cashmere raw cashmere into yarns.

Woolen cashmere products have the knitting effect of beating needles, thick and smooth suede, uniform and slightly lustrous color, warm touch, no crease after folding, soft and resilient wool. Worsted cashmere products are smooth and clean, and the texture is fine and clear. The luster is soft and natural, soft and elastic. Under the same cashmere quality, the use of woolen or worsted mainly depends on the product and design requirements. Worsted clothing texture is not so obvious, more transparent light, and woolen clothing has a "mother knitted cashmere sweater" like warmth.

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Worsted cashmere and woollen cashmere have their own characteristics.

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