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Erdos held brand creation forum to discuss cashmere factory development ideas

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Erdos held brand creation forum to discuss cashmere factory development ideas

Release date:2018-10-06 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere mainly refers to cashmere goats on the body of the cashmere, according to the current market situation, this year's cashmere concentrated on the market price should be higher than last year. Farmers to the goats under the wool mainly in shearing sheath hair and grabbing two forms, the lower sheath hair is relatively simple, the damage to the goats is also small, of course, the price of sheath hair to be slightly lower. The process of carding cashmere is more complicated, and the damage to sheep is greater. It needs a certain technical content. The actual situation can be decided when sheep farmers take cashmere. The time of picking is usually between three and April in the Gregorian calendar.

In order to speed up the construction of cashmere brand demonstration stores in Ordos and enhance the popularity and reputation of cashmere enterprises, a symposium on brand building was held recently at Jiansheng Street Industrial and Commercial Institute in Dongsheng District of Ordos. More than 20 members of the Ordos Trustworthy Cashmere Enterprise Union participated in the symposium.

The current situation and existing problems of cashmere brand construction in cashmere factories were comprehensively analyzed. The main reasons were that the cashmere products were mixed with fish and dragon, the real goods could not sell fake goods, the phenomenon of inferior currency expelling good currency, the consumers lost trust in the cashmere brand of Ordos, and the whole brand of "Origin of Cashmere in Ordos" was caused. It is seriously affected and impacted. Representatives of Erdos Chengxin Cashmere Enterprise Alliance also exchanged views on the next step of development, and put forward scientific ideas and rationalization proposals to transform brand benefits into economic benefits.

At the same time, the industry and Commerce Department has indicated that it will always strengthen market supervision, crack down on counterfeit and inferior products and infringe on the exclusive right to use registered trademarks, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and enterprises, create a good market environment for comfortable consumption, and let farmers, herdsmen, industrial workers and operators living on cashmere live in Ordos. Survival and development.

Erdos held brand creation forum to discuss cashmere factory development ideas

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