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Cashmere yarns of different grades determine their prices.

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Cashmere yarns of different grades determine their prices.

Release date:2018-09-26 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere yarn cashmere content below 95% cashmere blended yarn. Blended raw materials are silk, cotton, wool and newly developed milk protein fiber and soybean fiber. Cashmere yarn is the direct raw material of cashmere sweater, the quality of cashmere sweater directly depends on the purity and quality of cashmere yarn. Proper strength, twist and evenness of yarn, as well as the length and fineness of material (cashmere raw material) determine the quality grade of cashmere yarn. Different grades determine different prices, good quality cashmere sweater if preserved. You can wear it for 5,6 years.

So, pure cashmere yarn is extremely comfortable, suitable for skin (except allergic skin) close to wear, no itching, warmth than ordinary cashmere.

In the future, with the shortage of labor resources and the trend of machine replacement, it is necessary for enterprises to upgrade by improving the degree of automation and intelligence. However, the electricity consumption will increase dramatically, and the proportion of electricity consumption per ton of yarn in the total cost will also increase dramatically in the future. Therefore, energy conservation and consumption reduction has become one of the important directions of meticulous management of enterprises.

Although almost all enterprises attach great importance to this problem, there are still great differences. It is common for two factories with the same 100,000 ingots, equipped with the same equipment, to produce the same variety at a cost of several million or even tens of millions a year.

With the popularity of cashmere products, the phenomenon of fabrication and adulteration is becoming more and more serious, such as mixed wool, rabbit hair, mink, etc., but mixed with wool to wear on the tie, mixed with rabbit hair on the drop, mixed with Mink on the pilling, and real cashmere, rich in velvet, not shed, not tattoo, warm and soft. Because of lack of understanding of cashmere, many people have been cheated. Cashmere yarn manufacturers remind you, can be identified by several ways: touch: cashmere sweater surface 60-70 mm, wool is also finer than ordinary wool, average fineness between 14-16um, so feel a kind of silky, quite comfortable. But there are some cashmere sweaters in the mall, which feel very slippery. After touching them, the fingers rub and feel slippery. They are covered with talcum powder.

Cashmere yarns of different grades determine their prices.

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