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There are many kinds of cashmere. Do you know what worsted cashmere is?

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There are many kinds of cashmere. Do you know what worsted cashmere is?

Release date:2018-09-17 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The worsted cashmere produced by Nippon manufacturer substitutes cotton drawing frame for carding machine, and explores a set of technical route to do semi-combed yarn well: raw material ~woolen dyeing ~wool oiling carding (A186H cotton carding machine) ~ drawing four lanes (FA306A) ~ spinning (Qingze 319 modification) ~ (steam yarn) ~ double twisting certain shape.

We know that the growth process of cashmere determines that it has natural warmth retention properties. It grows in the goat's outer epidermis, a thin layer of fine wool covering the roots of the goat's coarse wool. It grows in the winter cold to resist the wind chill. Cashmere is a thin, curved fiber that contains a lot of air and forms a layer of air to protect against the invasion of external cold air, keeping the body temperature unchanged.

In recent years, the price of cashmere has risen rapidly, the processing of cashmere has developed rapidly, and by the lure of considerable profits, cashmere processing enterprises in various parts of the country have launched. However, because some cashmere processing enterprises do not have good equipment and environment, lack of quality assurance system, a large number of fiber damage in the processing process, reducing fiber length. It produces short fibers which are harmful to the yarn quality and wearability, greatly reduces the grade of products, and causes serious pilling of cashmere sweaters after wearing.

Due to the different fibers and processing methods, cashmere yarn manufacturers have a wide variety of yarns and different shapes. Its classification methods are also more. Cashmere is much thinner than wool, only the cashmere from goats is called cashmere, that is cashmere, cashmere is commonly known as cashmere. Sheep from the body is called wool, cashmere manufacturers called sheep wool, even if the sheep is very fine, professional also called it wool, not wool.

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