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After listening to worsted cashmere introduction, will you be surprised at its price?

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After listening to worsted cashmere introduction, will you be surprised at its price?

Release date:2018-08-15 Author:Hebei AI Bao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

What is worsted cashmere? Listen to Hebei Niebao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. to introduce the concept of worsted cashmere and its difference from woolen cashmere. Worsted cashmere is one of the fines in cashmere fabrics. It has a flowing texture, smooth and light. Wearing worsted cashmere can experience the kind of wearing experience that really addicts to the skin. It is soft, smooth, transparent and light.

What is worsted cashmere?

Worsted cashmere is a kind of cashmere fabric with fine and long cashmere as raw material, which is spun into combed yarn by unique combing technology and then worsted.

Technically speaking, the cashmere yarn is divided into woollen and worsted fabrics due to the difference in manufacturing process. Woolen count is relatively low, generally from 14 to 32; worsted is relatively fine, high count, generally from 28 to 120.

The worsted cashmere fabrics have smooth and smooth surface, fine and clear texture, smoother texture, transparent and lighter texture, and give people a more smooth visual sense. The luster is soft and natural, the handle is soft and elastic, so it is especially suitable for spring light and thin fabrics.

Difference between worsted cashmere and woolen yarn


Worsted cashmere products are usually produced on a loom of 16 or 18 needles. The yarn is fine and the fabric is silky, smooth and fine looking.

The woolen cashmere products are mostly produced by 12 knitting machines, and more with 9, 7, 5 knitting machines, gloss and feel slightly worse.


Worsted cashmere is more delicate and light than woolen cashmere. Worsted cashmere clothing is not easy to pill, has better warmth retention and superior quality.


Simply put, the price of worsted cashmere products is much higher than that of woolen cashmere products because of the super-high demand on raw wool and processing technology. Specifically, as follows:

Why is worsted cashmere expensive?

Stringent raw material control

The particularity of worsted process requires that cashmere raw cashmere must be of higher quality than the industry standard. The cashmere born on the shoulder and side of the first-year-old goats from February to April of next year is recognized as a high-quality cashmere source in the industry. The average fineness is below 14.5um and the length is over 36mm. At least fifteen one-year-old goats can produce cashmere. Woven into a worsted cashmere sweater.

After listening to the introduction of Hebei Niebao Cashmere Products Co., Ltd., now know what is worsted cashmere, when you understand the difference between it and worsted cashmere, you will not be curious about the same cashmere sweater, why the price is so different!

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