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Anti treasure manufacturers introduced cashmere market in the first half of 2018

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Anti treasure manufacturers introduced cashmere market in the first half of 2018

Release date:2018-08-08 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere factory cashmere is a thin layer of thin velvet, which is grown in the outer cortex of the goat, and is covered with a thin layer of fine wool in the root of the goat. It grows out in cold winter, resists wind and cold, and falls off after warm in the spring, and is naturally adapted to the climate and is a rare special animal fiber. 

The reason why cashmere is very precious is not only because of the rare production (only 0.2% of the total output of the world's animal fiber), but also its excellent quality and characteristics. It is considered as "fiber gemstone" and "fiber empress" by people in the transaction. It is incomparable to all the textile materials that human can use at present. As a result, it is also called "soft gold".

In 2018, 1 and February, cashmere has not yet been listed, only a few last year stock transactions, there is not much market data, so the cashmere transaction in 1 and February will not be described here. According to the survey, in early March, some areas of cashmere began to be listed, the earliest listed was Shanxi. As shown in Figure 1, the total sale price of cashmere in March is about 55-57 million yuan per ton. The price of the plush trading is about 52-54 million yuan / ton, and the price is up to about 2-4 million yuan / ton compared to the same period last year.

In April, the cashmere in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Shaanxi began to list, and the price was basically the same as in March. In the first ten days of March to mid April, the trading atmosphere of the cashmere market was not particularly active, and the progress of the trade was slow. The traders and manufacturers were all looking at the market, and the enthusiasm for participating in the trade was not very high.

Until the end of April and the beginning of May, the market began to become active, and the volume of transactions increased greatly. During this period, the trade price of melon seed Plush was about 570,000-590,000 yuan / ton, while that of suede was about 550,000-570,000 yuan / ton. After that, the price of the pile began to keep rising, and the price rose from mid May to June.


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