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Preliminary processing method of 48 yarn raw materials in cashmere factory

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Preliminary processing method of 48 yarn raw materials in cashmere factory

Release date:2018-08-01 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere yarn factory home spinning is a science that studies the processing of textile short fibers into cashmere yarns. Cashmere yarns are usually made of a number of short fibers of different lengths through a twisting method, and a long continuous monofilament twisted together. In the spinning process, it is first necessary to remove the blemished defects, that is, the initial processing of raw materials, also known as the preparation of spinning raw materials. 

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Different types of raw materials, different types and properties of impurities, processing methods and arts are also different. The primary processing methods of raw materials include physical methods (such as cotton ginning), chemical methods (such as degumming of hemp, scouring of silk silk), and the combination of physical and chemical methods (such as wool washing and peat removal).

Some people do not know how to do professional treatment after cashmere yarns are finished. In order to solve this problem, the shopkeeper specially uploaded the following experiments, and wrote the final successful experience here, hoping to help everyone. Put warm water into the washing machine. The depth of the water is 2 centimeters soaked in clothes. The temperature of the water is 38-48 degrees (which can be measured by temperature) and put two sets of washing materials (cashmere and softeners) together in the water and mixing them evenly with the washing machine. 

Be sure to stir it well. Wash the clothes inside, the cashmere sweater wash 20-50 minutes, ice mink and ferret shirt for 50-150 minutes, after washing directly dehydrated and dry, multi colored sweater must be dried (do not wash with clean water Oh), and can also be lengthened according to personal requirements. The result is the lengthening of the suede. Too long can cause the clothing to be felt.

Cashmere fiber is fine, soft, soft and natural color, effective and elastic, good reduction characteristics, non-shrinkage, easy to set. Internationally known as "fiber diamond" and "soft gold". Cashmere products are breathable, hygroscopic, soft, skin friendly, slippery, warm and so on, at the same time, it gives the cashmere products waterproof, oil proof, anti odor and ultraviolet light, easy to clean and easy to care. The cashmere is a good combination of soft gold and high technology.

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