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How to prevent insects from your cashmere sweater

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How to prevent insects from your cashmere sweater

Release date:2018-07-25 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere sweater factory teach you how to distinguish real and false cashmere sweaters, experts think, first look at the brand, mainly on the clothing on the tag, the above generally marked the proportion of components; and see the price, especially worth paying attention to, the state stipulates the cashmere sweater content must be more than 95%, otherwise it can not be called cashmere sweater. In accordance with the current market prices of raw materials and processing fees, the cashmere products under 400 yuan are less than pure cashmere products without reasonable explanation. When choosing a cashmere sweater, the size should be moderate. You can refer to the cashmere sweater size comparison table. Because cashmere sweaters will not shrink or change as long as they wear proper washing methods.

cashmere sweater

For woolen sweaters, we prefer dry cleaning or hand washing. When hand washing, the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees C. It is suggested not to use washing powder. We can choose the special detergent of sweater and warm water, add quantity, soak and soak, then gently knead, and then rinse with clean water. Clear, dehydrate for 1-2 minutes. If machine washing is used, the washing machine should be carried out according to the washing steps on the sweater on the washing machine. The water temperature should also be controlled within 30 degrees C. The newly bought sweater is cleaned once before it is formally worn, because some oil stains, paraffin wax, dust and other stolen goods will be stained in the production process of the sweater, and the new woolen sweater will also have the odor of the moth proof agent.

Wool clothing for insect proof

(1) before the collection, the first cleaning and dust removal, then put in the cool and ventilated place to dry, the condition of ironing, in order to prevent the worm breeding, reproduction, to achieve the purpose of killing insects and sterilization.

(2) all kinds of woollen clothing should be hung and hanged in a wardrobe with hangers. At the time of storage, try to return to the outside. This has two advantages: first, it can prevent weathering and fading; two, it is better for moistureproof and moth proofing.

Sweater clothing is also known as sweater clothing, also known as woolen knitted garments, knitted garments made of wool yarn or wool type chemical fiber yarn. Around 1000 B.C., hand knitted wool knitted garments appeared in the Euphrates River and the Griess River Basin in Western Asia. The machine wool knitted garment appeared in modern times. In 1862, the American R.I.W. Rahm invented the double reverse plane, which made the sweater to produce the forming garment, used for sewing the garment, marking the beginning of the knitting wool knitted garment.

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