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There are cat like things here. Why do inferior cashmere yarns feel smooth?

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There are cat like things here. Why do inferior cashmere yarns feel smooth?

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The traditional big jacquard fabric of cashmere yarn is usually used as silk, chemical fiber filament and cotton. The yarn is fine and the fabric is densely high, it is usually more than 50 /cm, and the worsted woolen density is usually in the 20~50 root /cm. Spinning wool yarn as a warp line has fewer needles, so the pattern can not be depicted in detail, and the pattern can not be very delicate.

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In addition, as a result of the small, in the jacquard assembly in general also only need to use a single set of hanging, even jacquard needle on the available needle do not have to use all, but by a certain proportion of the needle, for example: 30 /cm, 18cm, the pattern line, and the loom needle is 1080, then the installation of the needle by 1:1.

With the popularity of cashmere products, the phenomenon of fake and adulteration is becoming more and more serious, such as wool, rabbit hair, mink and so on. But the wool is mixed with the wool, and the wool is mixed with the rabbit. The real cashmere is rich, without hair, body, warmth, soft and soft. Because of lack of understanding of cashmere, many people have been cheated. Cashmere yarn manufacturers remind you, can be identified through a few ways: Touch: cashmere sweater surface 60-70 mm, wool is more thin than ordinary wool, average fineness between 14-16um, so it feels a kind of silk feeling, quite comfortable. But there are some cashmere sweaters in the shopping mall, which feel very slippery. After touching, fingers rub and rub, and that is the talcum powder on the top of the clothes.

Usually the single yarn and strands are reversed, namely ZS or SZ. There is a good ratio between the single yarn and the twist of the strands. In this range, the strength of the strand increases with the increase of the length of the strand, and the strength of the strands decreases when the critical value exceeds the critical value. Fiber properties and spinning methods play a decisive role in yarn properties. In the process of twisting, the ring yarn is transferred from the inner layer of the yarn to the outer layer, and then from the outer layer to the inner layer. 

The fiber around the yarn is spiral, and the spiral radius increases or decreases along the axis. At this time, the fibers with longer length tend to tend to the axis of the yarn, and the fibers with shorter length tend to tend to the outer layer of the yarn. Finer fiber tends to the center of yarn, and fineness of coarse fiber tends to the outer layer of yarn. The fibers with smaller initial modulus are mostly located in the outer layer, and the fibers with larger initial modulus are mostly located in the inner layer.

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