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Double faced cashmere fabric, cashmere sweater manufacturers direct sale!

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Double faced cashmere fabric, cashmere sweater manufacturers direct sale!

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After long wear, the cashmere sweater produced by the cashmere sweater is easily thinned and damaged, and the repair cost is high. It is easy to repair the yarn and the original yarn dyed bad color difference between the outer skin of the elbow and the cloth, which does not affect the beauty and the unnecessary waves. Fee.

cashmere sweater

Cashmere sweater is a relatively delicate thing. The real cashmere sweater must be washed with professional cleaning liquid. It must not be washed or washed regularly. It is very troublesome. Do not buy black cashmere sweater, dyed black cashmere is low quality velvet, because color is difficult to color uniform, so often dyed deep colors to cover up. Pure white is the price of the sky. I strongly suggest that you buy it in a famous brand store, or 80% may buy fake cashmere. Real cashmere is much more comfortable to wear than cotton, but poor quality and fake clothes will be very tight.

In the past two years, Bao Bao products are not only single, but also follow the seasons and scenes. Such changes are derived from the creation and expression of the concept of "Cashmere whole category". The brand of cashmere sweater sticks to the natural materials such as cashmere, cotton, silk and other natural materials. It provides the city middle class and the intellectual elite with the whole series of clothing products and household and life products suitable for their life scene, and becomes the representative brand of building a natural, healthy, elegant and comfortable life style.

The brand of cashmere sweater is committed to environmental protection, green and ecological concept. It is strictly regulated from goat pastoral area to every link of the original cashmere factory. At the same time, it adopts advanced spinning equipment and mature spinning technology to provide a solid backing to the production of cashmere sweaters with environmental protection as its duty and common development with customers. We should pay attention to humanities construction and social concern, and pursue the win-win situation of environment, society, enterprises and customers.

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