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The wholesale cashmere sweater, have you chosen the manufacturer?

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The wholesale cashmere sweater, have you chosen the manufacturer?

Release date:2018-07-14 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The basic requirement of cashmere products for cashmere sweaters in China is that the suede should be soft and smooth, which is easy to be accepted by consumers. You see the domestic cashmere sweaters are very long, feel good but lower than the foreign ones, the comfort of the upper body will be a little better than the foreign ones, but the big trouble is easy to get off the ball. The cashmere sweaters abroad are sacrificed for avoiding easy pilling. The advantages of this cashmere sweater are long wearing life and the better hand feel.

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When cashmere products are stored in season, they must be washed, ironed, dried and preserved. This can reduce the condition and scope of mold moth and kill insects and sterilize them. When cashmere products are stored, pack and pack well. It is not suitable to hang up so as to avoid draping deformation and avoid mixing with other articles in the same bag to prevent fading. Cashmere products stored contain a lot of natural protein, so we should pay attention to shading. It should be often ventilated, shady, dusty, wet and not exposed to sunlight.

Finally, the production logistics marketing cost and other factors. UNIQLO's main funds, low design cost, mass purchase and production and warehousing and logistics sales management capabilities can also reduce the cost of each link. To sum up, I think the cost of uniqo cashmere sweaters is saved in the quality of raw materials and design and production of logistics marketing and other aspects, to get its price (normal selling price), will not exceed the value will not be.

In accordance with the current market prices of raw materials and processing fees, the cashmere products under 400 yuan are less than pure cashmere products without reasonable explanation. When choosing a cashmere sweater, the size should be moderate. You can refer to the cashmere sweater size comparison table. Because cashmere sweaters will not shrink or change as long as they wear proper washing methods.

Because of the different fabrics, the friction between fine fibers and hard fibers will be damaged. So if these two materials are washed together, then the fine fiber material will easily pilling, damaged and wrinkled. So it must be washed according to the color and fabric of the clothes.

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