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Cashmere yarn manufacturer sales and price quotations in July

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Cashmere yarn manufacturer sales and price quotations in July

Release date:2018-07-11 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere yarn manufacturer a cashmere goat annual output no wool (remove impurities after the net) is only 50 grams -80 grams; a popular cashmere sweater needs 5 goat's velvet. The annual output of cashmere is extremely limited, only ten thousand tons. Because of its high quality and bizarre, it is expensive. In terms of business, the European and American people call it "fiber diamond", which is called "soft gold" by the Japanese. Now the average price of the raw silk market is about 75-80 yuan / ton. The yarn is about 850 yuan -1050 yuan / kg, that is to say: 0.85-1.05 yuan / gram.

cashmere yarn

The semi combed spinning technology has been paid attention to by the main woolen textile enterprises in China. They have invested the financial and material resources for technical development, and the use of equipment combination and process is different. Zhejiang Hua Yuan Lan Bao Co., Ltd., based on the existing production equipment and process, added some necessary equipment, carried out a large number of comparative experiments and the whole machine renovation work, with the implementation of the project, combined with wool cotton equipment, based on the theory of combing, and after taking off the cashmere sweater every day, let him take a good rest and let him take a natural rest. In order to restore the original shape, cashmere sweater can not be worn for a long time or destroy the fibrous tissue structure, so we should pay attention to rest and maintenance.

The manufacturing method of the cashmere blended yarn provides a solution to the uneven color of the cashmere in the yarn. The steps of the clear flower and the carding are used to reduce the damage and down of the cashmere fiber, and to solve the phenomenon that the cashmere is easily entangled with the tin forest and the duffer, and the powder is added to the spinning process. Antistatic coatings have solved the phenomenon of roller and roller phenomenon caused by static electricity, increase the twist of the rough spinning, and overcome the defects of sticky, rotten and loose in the spinning process because of the characteristics of curling number and fiber smoothness.

The manufacturer of cashmere yarn is a manufacturer with ten years' experience in production and sales. No matter what kind of cool blended yarn you are, you will face you with a sincere attitude. And a large number of inventory and cooperative logistics companies, so that your goods can arrive safely and safely in your hands.

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