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A new style of cashmere sweater is added to the factory.

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A new style of cashmere sweater is added to the factory.

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Sweater manufacturers are introduced, cashmere sweater is one of our essential clothing, but we often encounter such a problem: Sweaters shrink. And what do you do when the sweater is shrunk? Can you return it to the original? Do not worry, below, teach you how to deal with the knitted sweater, pour warm water in the basin, drop into a small number of family with the water, then soaped the sweater, and the soap on the wool will dissolve. 

cashmere sweater

Use both hands to gently lengthen the reduced part and flush it to dry. When you are half dry, first use your hands to pull out the whole shape, and then press it with an iron to restore the original size.

How do the sweaters be bleached?

1. Wear rubber gloves and goggles and fill two barrels of water with clean water. Put the sweater in the first bucket of water and add vinegar in second barrels to wash the sweater later.

2, another barrel filled with a portion of bleach and water, stirring the mixture with a long spoon; the barrel will remove any color or stain from the sweater.

3, fill another barrel with a part of vinegar and a part of water. Vinegar as neutralizer will immediately stop the bleaching process of woolen sweater.

4, the sweater is completely saturated in the first bucket of water, leaving 15 to 20 minutes. Woolen sweater will absorb wet fiber rather than dry it.

5. A woolen sweater out of the water and then screwed out. Transfer to a bleached bucket, completely saturated. The sweater is put in second buckets for 15 minutes for bleaching, and the sweater is left in 15 minutes.

If you wear a sweater, it may be a little cold, considering this, so it will be in your woolen sweater, because it will be hot. Cashmere wool is the kind of warm, but unfortunately, it is also expensive. Cashmere resistant is good, it is a very good choice, not expensive.

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