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How can you remove the smell of cashmere sweater?

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How can you remove the smell of cashmere sweater?

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Cashmere yarn manufacturers for woolen sweaters, we preferred dry cleaning or hand washing, in hand washing, water temperature not more than 30 degrees, it is recommended not to use washing powder, can choose wool sweater special detergent, warm water harmonization, the woolen sweater as appropriate amount, soak light rubbing, then soak and then gently knead, so repeated times, so repeated, so repeated, so several times, so. Then rinse out with water and dehydrate for 1-2 minutes.

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 If machine washing is used, the washing machine must be carried out according to the washing process on the sweater on the washing machine, and the water temperature should be controlled within 30 degrees C; the newly bought sweater is cleaned once before it is formally worn, because some oil stains, paraffin wax, dust and other stolen goods will be stained in the production process of the sweater, and the new woolen sweater will also have the odors of the moth.

Mechanical printing is usually done by multi roller printing machine. Each set of dyed one color uses a printing roller, with a concave pattern on the flower roller, which can be embedded in the color paste. When the printing machine is running, different kinds of slurry are printed onto the cloth on the flower drum to form a variety of colored cloth. The common mechanical printing has the following several kinds:

Direct printing: direct printing is a relatively simple and widely applied method in mechanical printing. First, we turn all kinds of dyestuffs into different printing paste, print them on cloth in turn, and after proper post-processing, they become all kinds of printed cloth. Commonly used light colored cloth, white ground cloth to use direct printing method.

According to the type of knitted sweater, it can be divided into two categories: full forming and cutting. The shape and size of all parts are achieved by the use of needle and needle collecting technology. After knitting, there is no need for cutting to make clothes. It is used to weave high grade products with animal fiber as raw materials.

Cutting classes can be cut and whole cutting in two ways. Local cutting generally uses a step type needle (needle to cover needle) at the shoulder and the head of the sleeve, and then local cutting to obtain the required shape and size. The cutting loss is small, and the output can be improved. This method is used to weave the fine needle distance fabric of the whole hair. The high and middle grade products such as jacquard, etc. As a whole, the overall cutting means that the required shape and size are obtained by cutting through a round machine completely through the cutting form. In this way, the cutting loss is large and is generally used in the low-grade raw materials.

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