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Domestic cashmere manufacturers recognize the Qinghe treasure!!!

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Domestic cashmere manufacturers recognize the Qinghe treasure!!!

Release date:2018-06-27 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

According to the cashmere manufacturer, the smell of the real cashmere is especially strong, but the fiber forgery is almost tasteless except for a small amount of hair and smell. The dog's Velvet forged the odor, and the rabbit hair forged almost tasteless. But after weaving into cashmere products, generally after better post-processing, this method can not distinguish genuine and fake cashmere products. Visual identification: real cashmere is particularly fine and different in length and short, and fiber wire forged cashmere is coarser, long and short, most of the length is about 2 inches, woven into fabric, the former is delicate, light, and the latter is hard and heavy.


The cashmere fiber is composed of the scale layer and the cortex layer, the scale has a certain height and thickness, some edges are serrated and shape like barb. It is very easy to produce fiber collusion and sticky in the process of wearing. The fineness, length and curl of cashmere fiber are important technological features. Compared with Australian wool, cashmere has small fineness, short length, and few curls, so that the fiber has a small holding force in the yarn and a lot of hairiness, and then the fiber slips from the fabric under the action of the external force.

But when buying cashmere sweaters, it is best to buy in large shopping malls or franchised stores; select the stable, reliable manufacturers and brands identified by the state, and carefully check whether there are cashmere content, quality certificate, product use description, registered trademark, size specification, washing instructions and so on.

Cashmere processing enterprise profitability is not ideal, bank credit financing environment is not loose, enterprises can not borrow money, so also slowed down the progress of the purchase. In the past, cashmere prices often had a large concussion. At present, the overall demand for cashmere industry is sluggish, and the purchase and sale of two are not strong, which will cause the cashmere price to drop sharply.

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