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The more the cashmere sweater goes through! Dont be in a hurry. Anti - treasure manufacturers come to help

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The more the cashmere sweater goes through! Dont be in a hurry. Anti - treasure manufacturers come to help

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Cashmere sweater manufacturers introduced the general cashmere products after the whole after the whole is not deformed, due to improper washing or hanging air drying will cause deformation, it is suggested that you use a steam iron ironing, the effect will be better. Fruit juice: when it is just stained, wipe with cloth and warm water. If you still leave stains, wipe it with lotion.

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How to identify the true and false cashmere sweaters, the experts think that first look at the brand, mainly the clothing on the tag, the above generally marked with the proportion of components; and see the price, especially worth paying attention to, the state stipulates the cashmere sweater content must be more than 95%, otherwise it can not be called cashmere sweater. In accordance with the current market prices of raw materials and processing fees, the cashmere products under 400 yuan are less than pure cashmere products without reasonable explanation. When choosing a cashmere sweater, the size should be moderate. You can refer to the cashmere sweater size comparison table. Because cashmere sweaters will not shrink or change as long as they wear proper washing methods.

Because of the different fabrics, the friction between fine fibers and hard fibers will be damaged. So if these two materials are washed together, then the fine fiber material will easily pilling, damaged and wrinkled. So it must be washed according to the color and fabric of the clothes.

There is also a long time backpack, wearing a rough coat without a lining, special pilling, should minimize such contact. For a small part of the exposure of the ball, can be gently pulled out or cut with a small scissors, with a Yi Shuashun brush can be used, large area, more ball, can first spread the sweater flat on a flat table, brush the fabric by the needle to brush the dust, straighten and tighten, with a special electric razor. Vertical electric suction, shave the ball, brush it, brush it with steam iron, immediately clean and new, and will not damage the knitted sweater.

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