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June sales of cashmere yarn manufacturers are so high.

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June sales of cashmere yarn manufacturers are so high.

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Cashmere yarn, also known as combed yarn, refers to yarn that is spun by combing process, including combed cotton yarn and combed yarn. The yarn has high parallelism and evenness, and its evenness is smooth, but its cost is higher. Combed yarn is mainly used for fabric and knitwear raw materials, such as fine spinning, Hua Dane, tweed, sweater and so on. 2. coarse spinning yarns, also known as carded yarn or carding yarn, refer to the yarns that are spun by ordinary spinning systems and not spun by combing processes. The content of staple fiber in the yarn is more, the fiber is parallel to the straightness, the structure is loose, the wool is more, the yarn is lower, and the quality is worse.


How to prevent the sweater from shrinking:

The temperature of the water must be around 35 degrees Celsius, washed with neutral detergent, and the detergent should not be put too little, otherwise it will not be washed clean and shrink easily. The ratio of water to detergent is 3:1. You can't wash it with a washing machine. After washing, press with dry cloth.

Wool or wool fabric, the number of washing will gradually lose the original luster, if rinsed with clear water several times, and then a few drops of vinegar in the water to float a drift, so that the acid and alkali neutralization, wool and wool fabric will restore the original luster.

How do sweaters wash sweaters and what skills do they have for washing and washing?

If your sweater needs cleaning, you can use a washing machine, but if you are afraid that it is placed in the laundry opportunity to be damaged, then you can wash it by hand. Although many woolen sweaters can be cleaned with a washing machine, it is always the best not to take any machine cleaning because it becomes deformed and will reduce or lose color in the washing cycle. Cardigan can also be cleaned in a sink or bathtub.

There are endless articles about the clothing of V collar sweater. Because so this V sweater, how to wear his taste, how to choose different fabrics, different patterns of cardigan, how to wear, the important reason why you should wear.

About woolen sweater, different people will feel differently. When they wear a suitable sweater, they are really comfortable. When you buy a sweater to see if the sweater will shrink, make sure it is not tight. You don't want your sweater to hug your body so tightly. Such a sweater should gently embrace your body and arms. The elastic band should embrace your body at the wrist and bottom, but don't squeeze; they should adjust the natural contour of your body. The wrist should also be properly tightened, so you can put the sleeves of your sweater arms and stay in place, not sliding down.

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