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The Dragon Boat Festival! Cashmere manufacturers are thankful for old and new customers

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The Dragon Boat Festival! Cashmere manufacturers are thankful for old and new customers

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Cashmere factory cashmere is a thin layer of thin velvet, which is grown in the outer cortex of the goat, and is covered with a thin layer of fine wool in the root of the goat. It grows out in cold winter, resists wind and cold, and falls off after warm in the spring, and is naturally adapted to the climate and is a rare special animal fiber. 


The reason why cashmere is very precious is not only because of its rare production (only 0.2% of the total output of animal fiber in the world), but also its excellent quality and characteristics. It is considered to be "fiber gemstone" and "fiber empress" by people, which is incomparable to all textile materials that human can use at present. Known as "soft gold". About 70% of the world's cashmere production since China, its quality is also better than other countries.

Cashmere has the characteristics of light, soft, soft and warm, so it is known as "fiber gemstone" by Japan, called "fiber crown" by Britain, and called "white cloud" by the United States. Cashmere is a kind of advanced textile raw materials, according to its color can be divided into white cashmere, cashmere, purple blue velvet, which uses white cashmere is wide. White cashmere is the velvet produced by white goat. It is famous for its white cashmere goats. This kind of sheep has high cashmere production, and the fineness, length, tension, stretching force and gloss of the cashmere are better.

Purple velvet is the velvet produced by black goat. The purple cashmere produced by Wu Yang Qi is good. It is located in the national crown. It is characterized by "the color and lustre is purple, the fiber is fine and long, the performance is soft, the color is fine, the fat is thick, the pull is big, the luster is good and the cashmere content is high". Goat and sheep cashmere Hongshan Brown called blue velvet.

The first is the precious cashmere, because rare. A cashmere goat produces 50 grams of -80 grams per year without Cashmere (pure cashmere after removing impurities). The average cashmere of every 5 goats is enough to make a cashmere sweater. Secondly, the fineness of cashmere fiber is the length of the cross section diameter of cashmere fibers, the finer the fineness of the cashmere fiber is, the smaller the contact surface when the fiber and the skin are in contact with the cashmere. The feeling will be softer and more comfortable, which greatly reduces the itching of the cashmere products to the skin, which is the main reason for the cashmere products to wear the body. Again, the length of cashmere fiber is the distance between the two ends of the cashmere fiber, and the longer the cashmere fiber is better under the same fineness.

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