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Cashmere sweater drop hair, manufacturer for you to analyze the reason

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Cashmere sweater drop hair, manufacturer for you to analyze the reason

Release date:2018-06-13 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The main reason for cashmere sweater manufacturers is that the main reason for the cashmere sweater is that it can't withstand too much friction, so the underwear that wears inside should choose smooth underwear and reduce the direct friction between the cashmere sweater, so that it will be beneficial to the cashmere sweater without friction, pilling or hair loss. 


Cashmere sweater also needs to pay attention to wearing time when wearing. It is not like a coat, it can wear for one or two weeks. Cashmere sweaters can make the fiber in the cashmere sweater in a long period of life through long wear, which makes the fiber in the cashmere sweater in a long period of time, so it is very agreed to drop the hair, so people need to notice that the cashmere sweater is usually changed once a week.

Cashmere sweater is normal, because cashmere properties are easy to intertwine with pilling, but there are several reasons for losing too much wool.

1, the main reason is that the cashmere yarn of the cashmere sweater is not enough twist, which makes the wool easy to come out of the cashmere sweater.

2, usually wear cashmere sweater and other items friction causes more, so pay attention to match the coat, do not highlight more parts.

If this is the reason, pay attention to changing cashmere sweater every two weeks to make the cashmere sweater resume. You can also take a look at the website of the head of the sheep village, with the knowledge of cashmere sweater on it, and Baidu can search "sheep village head".

Cashmere sweater is too big. What can we do to make it shrink? Soak it with hot water in high temperature. Dry it with a washing machine. And then dry it with a dryer. If there is no dryer. After drying, dry it flat. If you want to set it, use the unused three and the plate to cut the shape of the clothes according to the required size. The two sides are all wrapped with the packing belt. (Luo Wen ironing on the board. ( The board needs to be cut. As long as the board is cut well, the clothes are big or small.

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