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Shock! This cashmere yarn manufacturer sells so high

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Shock! This cashmere yarn manufacturer sells so high

Release date:2018-06-09 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The yarn products of cashmere yarn manufacturers are usually used for sweaters, that is, cashmere sweater, cashmere can be spun or blended into yarn. The price of cashmere yarns is high. The price of cashmere sweaters on the market is clear, and the price is about 700 thousand. Cashmere yarns are usually made of woven knitted fabrics. The sewing thread is made of cotton and polyester, and it is cheap.

cashmere yarn

Inner Mongolia is able to produce high quality cattle and sheep. As we all know, cashmere yarn is mainly from wool, but wool is mainly from sheep. The Inner Mongolia cashmere yarn factory has a huge advantage, which makes the product quality and famous, and the cost is relative to the origin of the raw material. Low cost, this makes the products produced by Inner Mongolia cashmere yarn factory have a very high price performance ratio.

And there are so many kinds of cashmere yarn products in the company that there are large alternatives to choose. Will you reject this product with high quality and high cost performance? I believe that normal people will not refuse. So if you want to buy a friend of the authentic cashmere yarn, you can pay more attention to the products of Inner Mongolia cashmere yarn factory.

Will it be a ball for pure wool? The answer is affirmative. In fact, no matter what material is used, it will pilling if it contains ingredients of wool. There are three main reasons for Pilling: one is the fact that there are more short hairs in the content of the wool; the other is the compactness of the knitting, and the twist of the wool. Will the woolen coat pilling? Which parts will be the key parts of the pilling? There are more opportunities for friction, such as sleeves, inside bags, etc., such as knapsack, rough texture of the coat friction parts, these special zones are very fond of pilling, so try to avoid frequent friction of such parts.

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