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Cashmere fabric pilling grade introduction, cashmere yarn manufacturers direct sale

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Cashmere fabric pilling grade introduction, cashmere yarn manufacturers direct sale

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The yarn classification of cashmere yarn manufacturers can be divided into worsted yarn, woolen yarn and semi fine spinning according to the spinning process. Secondly, according to the dyeing and finishing process of yarn, it can be divided into: white yarn, bleached yarn, dyed yarn, mercerized yarn and so on. Again, according to the thickness of yarn, it can be divided into coarse yarn, fine count yarn and high count yarn. Synthetic fibers: polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex, polypropylene, vinylon, aramid aramid, etc. Commonly used method for expressing raw material fineness (commonly used unit): Daniel (D)。

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"D" is a form of fixed length. It refers to the weight grams of 9000 meter long silk. If the weight of 9000 meters long silk is 1 grams, it is called 1 Dan Neal; if it weighs 100 grams, it is called 100 Dan Neal. The value of Daniel is directly proportional to the thickness of silk thread. The larger the value of Neal is, the thicker the yarn is. The denier units of all filament yarns are expressed in terms of "D".

According to its manufacturing process, cashmere yarn manufacturers are divided into: woollen yarn, worsted yarn and semi fine spun yarn. Coarse yarns are relatively coarse, with relatively low numbers, ranging from 14 to 32. Semi worsted yarns are relatively thin, with a relatively high number of sticks, usually from 24 to 60. The crafted cashmere knitting line belongs to the woolen yarn, and the common cashmere sweater is also used in the woolen yarn. In the spring and summer ultra thin cashmere fashion, the T-shirt and the cashmere underwear generally use the worsted cashmere yarn. The semi worsted cashmere yarn is a new product developed in recent years. It is being accepted and tested by the knitting factory, and the effect is also good.

Cashmere knitwear in the practice of the process of wearing and washing, from time to time, the friction, the appearance of the fiber end will be exposed, in the appearance of a lot of wool, that is, "hair." If these hairs continue to wear, they can not be separated in real time. They will be entangled with each other and be rubbed into many small grains. The appearance quality of cashmere knitted fabric will deteriorate. Cashmere fiber is thin and soft, and it is easier to ball. The goal is to control the pilling level of cashmere knitwear, and the pilling goals are divided into 5 levels, the 1 level is the worst, and the 5 level is the best. The best quality is not less than 3 - 4, but the first-class product is no less than 3.

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