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Manufacturers recruit agents, cashmere to recognize the Qinghe treasure

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Manufacturers recruit agents, cashmere to recognize the Qinghe treasure

Release date:2018-05-26 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The cashmere manufacturer's cashmere underwear, which is made by precision technology, is very light, breathable and easy to wash. The garment can be washed at 40 degrees centigrade, neither deforming nor fading. After the prevention and control of finished garments, nail labels, finished products, inspection, sampling, packaging, and storage are also required. It is not until the warehouse is released that we can really become a cashmere underwear that can go to market. "In this way, a" cashmere underwear "can be manufactured by at least 18 processes. Anti - treasure cashmere staff said.


Cashmere yarn is divided into woolen cashmere yarn, worsted cashmere yarn and semi worsted cashmere yarn according to different spinning technology. The cashmere yarn is divided into cashmere yarn and woven cashmere yarn based on its use. The cashmere yarn is divided into cashmere yarn and blended cashmere yarn according to the cashmere content. The cashmere content is higher than 30% less than 95%, and cashmere blended, cashmere containing The amount of less than 30% is not the cashmere yarn. The knitting factory, according to the order demand, selects cashmere yarn with different branches (such as 2/26, 3/68, 2/80, etc.) for different needle and style cashmere sweaters or other cashmere products.

Yarn made of filament yarn directly from polymer solution is divided into three types, namely, monofilament, multifilament and composite twisting. The monofilament consists of a filament, which is used to weave socks, even pantyhose, headscarf, swimsuit, etc. the compound silk is made up of a number of monofilaments and many silk fabrics are made of compound silk, such as silk satin, used in clothing, underwear, etc.; compound twisting silk is twisted by compound silk, and crepe fabric is made by use of different twists and crepe.

According to the relevant national standards, the average diameter of the goat's cashmere is less than 14.5 microns, and the average diameter is from 14.5 microns to 16 microns, and the average diameter is over or equal to 16 microns. Generally speaking, the quality of cashmere products made of cashmere with an average diameter exceeding 15.5 microns will decline.

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