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Vogue thread cashmere sweaters, large supply of manufacturers

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Vogue thread cashmere sweaters, large supply of manufacturers

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The main process of cashmere sweater production is two kinds of knitting machines: flat knitting machine and circular knitting machine. As the horizontal machine has more advantages, such as the means of increasing or reducing the number of needles to knit the clothing suitable for the human body, it can not be tailored without cutting, saving the raw materials and reducing the working procedure, the variety of the flower pattern and the convenience of changing the variety, so the cashmere sweater enterprises mostly use the knitting machine. However, due to its fast speed and high yield, the circular machine has attracted more and more attention from some manufacturers.

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The choice of detergents - most people do not know what the difference between our usual detergent and neutral detergent is. From now on, it is recommended that you use neutral detergent to wash pure wool fabrics. In the clothing marked with pure wool logo, the metropolis indicates that you should use neutral detergent to wash.

The juice cloth is rubbed with a small amount of neutral detergent. 80% of the stains can be cleaned by gently beating the clothes with hot water wet cloth. Then, wipe the cloth with a small amount of neutral detergent. Note that the detergent is not too much.

The stitch of cashmere sweater should be stretched and strong with the shirt body. Apart from the pocket, the elongation rate is usually 130%. In principle, the stitch must be the same as that of the cashmere sweater's raw material, color and yarn linear density, and the combed wool yarn should be used for the sewing of the carding product and the surface of the sewing seam. The bottom line such as flat seams and slots should not be Overtwisted. It should be soft, elastic, smooth and strong enough.

Ribbed tissue is rich in variation due to its striped effect. Because of its good contractility, rib is often used in necklines, cuffs, hem and so on. Rib fabric is applied to clothing body, body repair, with elongating effect, but not suitable for very thin people. The wide width and different rib combinations produce a lively sense of rhythm. The lines in different directions interspersed each other and have a strong sense of rhythm. As shown in the cashmere sweater map, the loosened rib fabric on the waist and cuffs will make the whole cashmere sweater more fashionable. When used in men's clothing, the lines of the rib and the simple design can fully reflect the men's rigid and straight, bold and open, and can be used in the form of paste, semi - affixed and straight tube type.

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