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Semi worsted cashmere yarn and cashmere imitation are two different things.

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Semi worsted cashmere yarn and cashmere imitation are two different things.

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The biggest difference between the cashmere yarn and the traditional worsted and woolen technology is that it combines the cotton spinning technology with the wool spinning technology, forming a new multi component mixing process, with the front road for the woolen and wool spinning carding machine, the drawing machine, the roving machine and the spinning machine; the rear is the fine. 

cashmere yarn

The equipment of the winding, parallel and double twisting of the spinning. The change of equipment and technology solves the problem that the original woolen spinning equipment can not solve. Semi worsted can achieve the successful blending of natural raw materials such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp with other new man-made fibers and chemical fibers.

The raw material of woolen semi worsted covers the natural fibers from cashmere, wool, silk, rabbit wool, cotton, ramie and other natural fibers, such as soybean protein fiber, milk protein fiber, silk, Mo Dal, bamboo fiber, viscose fiber and other synthetic fibers, as well as acrylic, polyester, polyamide fiber and other chemical fibers, the product structure is abnormally rich.

Cashmere is 100 ylic (100% acrylic) hand feel good, similar to cashmere. It is made of polyacrylic fiber through a special process, making acrylic fiber with a smooth, soft, flexible hand, and a fine wool dyeing wool, called cashmere. This product has brighter colors than natural cashmere. But in practice, it is still impossible to get rid of the problem of static electricity.

Weaving density is too large or too small to directly affect the fabric's effect. It is made on the SFN02 type down machine. The machine has the advantages of moderate speed, no tension and small bath ratio. It can finish finish and pretreatment. The dyeing process is also different according to the structure of the raw material. Because of the use of high quality auxiliary and special process, the sweater can get the fullness of the hair free appearance, the feeling of the natural cashmere and the fine draping effect.

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