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How much is the price of a kilo cashmere sweater by the manufacturer

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How much is the price of a kilo cashmere sweater by the manufacturer

Release date:2018-05-12 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere sweater manufacturers introduce the continuous improvement of people's living standards. We find that a kind of wool is more warm, and the weight is much lighter than wool. 


This is the cashmere line. Cashmere, known as a fibrous or soft gold, has naturally become the queen of the animal fiber because of its excellent physical characteristics, and her value also makes the common wool and other animal fibers dust! Perhaps for this reason, cashmere line has not yet become the mainstream of market consumption.

The price of cashmere lines is higher than that of ordinary wool, but the woven cashmere clothing is very noble in appearance, and is more than 3 times more warm than ordinary wool. It is popular with the public. With the gradual understanding of cashmere line, more and more people will like cashmere line in the future.

Guan Xiaoyuan told reporters that it is difficult to accurately identify fiber components by hand feeling, visual inspection, nose and smell. Therefore, when people buy clothing, it is difficult to identify whether clothing belongs to pure cashmere, and the most can be divided by "combustion method" to distinguish whether chemical fiber is contained, that is to find a piece of fiber in clothes, if the ashes of the fiber are powder, no particles, and the smell of charred feathers, the product is pure animal fiber. If the burning speed is fast, the ash is granular, it can not knead the ash and has the non paper non burnt feather flavor, then it belongs to the chemical fiber.

In the purchase of cashmere products, we must first look at the ingredients marked on the product tag, such as nano cashmere, super cashmere and other names are not standard, it is likely to be wool or chemical fiber counterfeit. Cashmere sweater must contain more than 95% cashmere, otherwise it can not be called cashmere sweater.

The length of wool fiber is more than 70 centimeters, the curl is large, like hot curly hair, good twist, easy to spin. The woolen sweater is wearable and can be worn for many years. Because the diameter of its fiber is thick and not soft, the skin will feel itchy when wearing it.

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