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Manufacturers supply all kinds of cashmere yarn and products

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Manufacturers supply all kinds of cashmere yarn and products

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Cashmere yarn manufacturers show that yarn structure is related to the comfort of the fabric. Besides the softness, the yarn's shape, such as the length of the fiber, the degree of twisting, and the fluffy or not, directly affects the permeability and warmth of the woolen fabric.


Ring spun yarns are yarns that are twisted on traditional ring spinning machines. The yarn is intertwined with the inside and outside of the yarn. The yarn has a tight structure and high strength, but the production efficiency is limited because of the combination of twisting and winding at the same time. The yarn is widely used and can be used in all kinds of fabrics, knitted goods and rope belts.

Yarn density is one of the commonly used indexes to describe the thickness of yarn. The legal unit is tex, that is, the fixed weight (g) of km (or monofilament) per kilometer (or monofilament). Yarn linear density determines the variety, use, style and physical and mechanical properties of fabrics. The yarn density test of cashmere yarn manufacturers should determine the length and quality of the sample, of which the length measurement is based on the frame length meter, the quality measurement with the equal arm balance or the electronic balance.

The standard atmosphere is based on the standard atmosphere of GB 6529, and the non standard atmosphere is amended according to 14 items in the determination of the moisture of textile materials by the "four oven method" or according to the product standards. The sample is preconditioned in the atmosphere for no less than 4h, and then exposed to 24h in the standard atmosphere, or at least 30min, and the quality change is not more than 0.1%.

For the yarn with unknown nominal line density, the yarn density should be estimated first, then the straightening tension is converted, then the length and mass of the yarns are measured and the line density is calculated. The test example shows that this method can accurately detect the yarn density in the knitted fabric, and thus fills the shortage of the yarn density measurement method of different varieties of yarn in the textile standard.

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