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The house teaches you how to wear the cashmere underwear

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The house teaches you how to wear the cashmere underwear

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When cashmere factory cashmere products are stored, they can be folded, sealed in plastic bags, put in the wardrobe, and the coat should be covered with plastic bags and hung in the wardrobe. Attention should be paid to shading to store cashmere products, so as to prevent legs from getting wet. If you have to cool through, then put it in the wardrobe. At the same time, put in the wardrobe around the mold, pest control tablets, so as to avoid cashmere products damp, mold, insects.


When the cashmere manufacturer gently kneads the stolen goods, it first pour neutral detergent (shampoo, meal wash, cashmere sweater special detergent) into the warm water around 30 degrees centigrade, and then the lotion is stirred evenly, then put in clothes, and gently knead the cashmere products with hands; if the dirty goods are not washed away, the dry cleaning shop should be sent to special treatment and washing in time. Then rinse the water several times at 40 degrees Celsius until it is clean. Add a little vinegar or softener in the clear water. It is best to dehydrate the cashmere products into cloth bags or washing machines for 1-2 minutes.

Cashmere is a thin and curved fiber, which contains a lot of air and forms an air layer that can defend against the invasion of cold air and keep the body temperature. Because it is very thin, it is woven into cashmere sweaters, cashmere scarves, hats, gloves and so on. Even in the ice and snow, the warmth of the cashmere will make you close to you.

When the cashmere products are worn inside the garment, it is better to be smooth, not too rough, hard, inside bag not to install hard material and inserting pen, book, purse and so on, so as to avoid local friction. When worn, minimize friction with hard objects and pull hard. Wear time should not be too long, about ten days attention to intermittent, so that it can restore elasticity, so as not to fatigue.

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